Submitting a Grant Request

When is the deadline?

The Trust considers grant requests once per year. Requests must be received or postmarked by October 1st each year. Grant requests will be accepted after July 1. All requests will be acknowledged upon receipt. Please note that the Trust’s grants are competitive – we generally receive many more proposals than our resources allow us to fund.

How will I learn about the directors’ decisions?

Typically, the directors review all requests in November and decision letters are sent before the end of December.

Is there someone to contact if I have questions?

Erik C. Jorgensen, Administrative Trustee, Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust,

What should I include in my grant request?

    There is no grant application form. Please limit your materials to the following:

  • Brief background of your organization
  • Specific amount requested
  • Purpose of the request, how funds will be used and the anticipated results
  • List of your organization’s staff and directors or trustees
  • Organizational budget for current year
  • Project budget (if applicable to your request)
  • Copy of your most recent financial report
  • Copy of your most recent IRS determination letter indicating your 501(c)(3) status

What is the process for submitting my request?

Please mail TWO copies of your completed request to the following address:
Michael J. Quinlan, Secretary
Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust
P.O. Box 4510
Portland, Maine 04112

If you choose a mailing option that requires a physical address, please use the following:
Michael J. Quinlan
Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry
Ten Free Street
Portland, Maine 04101

The Trust does NOT accept e-mailed grant requests.

What is expected from my organization if we receive a grant?

We understand that nonprofit organizations experience both successes and challenges in carrying out their mission. We’re interested in learning from you about both of these to help us become better grantmakers and to meet our fiduciary responsibilities. In the grant award letter, we will ask you to submit a brief written report on the use of the funds received from the Trust and the impact or outcomes no later than October 1 of the year following the date of the grant award. Please note that we normally will not consider additional grants for an organization that owes the Trust a grant report.