Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical grant size?

Generally, grants range in size from $5,000 to $20,000 depending upon the size of the organization or project. The average grant award is around $10,000.

Are there any special considerations?

  • Organizations are encouraged to partner and collaborate with others where there is an overlapping mission or geography.
  • Applicants that demonstrate how they are supporting or serving a need in their community are more likely to be funded.
  • Priority may be given to those applicants that serve rural areas where access to funding is less available.
  • Historic preservation applicants are encouraged to include a letter of support from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission or relevant Tribal Historic Preservation Department.
  • Indigenous-led organizations whose work falls within our grantmaking priorities may apply in 2022, even if they did not receive funding from MKCT in prior years.
  • For capital funding requests, such as historic preservation or land purchases, applicants should demonstrate clear project planning as well as fiscal and fundraising capacity necessary to complete the proposed work beyond the amount funded by a Morton-Kelly grant. We will request recent financial audits for capital projects.

Are there any restrictions?

  • Generally, the Trust does not provide multi-year grants.
  • The Trust generally does not fund endowments or annual campaigns.
  • The Trust does not fund projects focused on political advocacy.
  • The following organizations are not encouraged to submit requests:
    • National or regional organizations based outside of Maine, except in cases where a project is being conducted entirely within the state;
    • Organizations that provide medical services, operate medical research facilities or focus on a particular disease or condition;
    • Organizations that are primarily social service providers;
    • Organizations that focus on providing professional development.

What is expected from my organization if we receive a grant?

In the grant award letter, we will ask you to submit a brief written report using the online Grant Portal on the use of the funds received from the Trust and the impact or outcomes no later than September 1 of the year following the date of the grant award.

Please note that we normally will not consider additional grants for an organization that owes the Trust a grant report.