For Grant Recipients


All Grant recipients are required to provide the Trust with a brief final report, prepared in Word or .pdf format and submitted by the start of September in the year following your grant award. If your project has not been completed by that time, just provide us with a progress report to date. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns relating to your report.

As you write the report, we would ask that you consider the guidelines below. Not every question relates to every project, but this is generally the type of information that's helpful to us:

  1. Please open by describing your project in a sentence or two.
  2. Did the project go as planned? Were there surprises? We are aware that programming does not always go as anticipated, and that is okay. We will celebrate your successes with you and learn with you from projects that did not go as well as hoped.
  3. How were the grant funds spent? Please consider your original proposed budget, how the grant funds were ultimately used, and any differences between what you planned and what you did. 
  4. We would like to see pictures of your project or your organization. We hope you will consider sharing them with us. Please let us know if you hold the rights to the pictures and whether we might use them on our website or for publicity purposes.
  5. Finally, please include a copy of any publications or work products arising from the grant.

Feel free to include additional information as desired, but bear in mind that the best grant reports are concise. 

Starting with grants awarded in 2020, we have moved to an online grant management system. You will be able to complete your final reports online using the same account as the one used to submit your application.


Grant recipients are welcome to publicize Morton-Kelly grants in their newsletters, social media or traditional media. We are proud to be associated with those we fund, and when the Trust is recognized for its support, we believe it also serves our goals and mission – drawing positive attention to our partners and their work, while also helping to build understanding of the Morton-Kelly Trust and its priorities.

In general, please publicize our grant as you would other donors to your organization or project. If you require a high-resolution copy of our logo for a publication or similar use, please click to download the logo artwork below: