Foundation Areas of Interest

To assist applicants, the directors of the Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust have identified the following areas of interest with a focus on serving individuals and communities in the State of Maine:


  • Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries

  • 240 STRINGS

    240 Strings

  • The Ecology School

    The Ecology School

  • LC Bates Museum Family picking up Kids, Science Kits at the Museum

    L.C. Bates Museum

The Trust supports Educational programs that provide participants with access to resources outside of the traditional classroom.  The Trust is especially interested in supporting organizations that serve historically disadvantaged populations and those that provide training and mentoring that can lead to increased economic independence.

Arts and Culture

  • Penobscot Theatre, Bill Kuykendall

    Penobscot Theatre

  • Artistic Director Daniel Minter, AiR Eamon White

    Indigo Arts Alliance

  • Bay Chamber Concert, PC Tara Rice

    Bay Chamber Concerts

  • Maine Historical Society

A wide range of Arts and Culture programs that provide statewide or local community benefit are supported. The Trust welcomes projects that strengthen or improve programming in Maine public libraries, museums, visual and performing arts and other cultural organizations. Projects that expand organizational capacity are encouraged as well as those that seek to serve diverse populations and cultural experiences.

Historic Preservation

  • Farwell General Store Restoration

    The Farwell Project

  • Mechanics Hall

    Mechanics Hall

  • Abyssinian Meeting House

  • Carroll Building

    Portland Public Landmarks

Historic Preservation projects include the restoration and conservation of significant historic structures such as those listed on the National Register, or of documented importance through Tribal Historic Preservation Departments or a known community landmark. Priority for funding will go to structural improvements and building systems (such as electrical service) rather than maintenance, painting or short-term repairs. Applicants in this category are strongly encouraged to provide a letter indicating that the Maine Historic Preservation Commission or appropriate Tribal Historic Preservation Office is aware of the project, and that work is being conducted to appropriate preservation standards. Preservation projects may also include restoration of significant material cultural resources.


  • Maine Appalachian Trail Club

    Maine Appalachian Trail Club

  • Midcoast Conservancy

    Sheepscot River Headwaters, Midcoast Conservancy

  • MAINE LAKES Divers Harvesting Milfoil in Sebago Cove, Photo by Alanna Yannelli

    Invasive Milfoil control, Maine Lakes

  • TPL, Bethel Community Forest, Bethel

    Bethel Community Forest. Trust for Public Land

The Trust supports Environmental initiatives with priority given to programs that engage and educate young people in natural sciences as well as direct support for the preservation and protection of natural resources.  For projects involving land purchase or improvement, the Trust will prioritize support for acquisitions that have specific ecological, habitat, aesthetic or community value as well as requests from indigenous-led conservation efforts.

Types of Grants

Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust supports organizations throughout Maine and aims to respond to emerging needs and developments in its priority areas of interest. Requests may fall into more than one of our areas of interest and be for operating or project support. The Foundation believes that operating support allows organizations to adapt to changing conditions in the nonprofit sector and within the fields we support. Project grants should articulate clear goals, timelines and outcomes for the project. Projects may be for specific programs or capital expenses. You will be asked to designate what type of funding you are requesting in the online application form.